Clinical Trials

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After years of experience in developing hundreds of medical devices to global customers, our knowledge of the process is immense. As a result of being part of such a vast variety of projects, we fully understand and support our customer’s needs, which include taking the device to clinical trials.

In order to support our customers, we suggest a unique platform that enables the customer to have a “hands on” development team to support any need or request during the trials. This enables the customer to tweak algorithms and design flows from the field at a very fast development time.

There are many unmapped territories where trial and error is the only way to go. We believe that in most cases, it is possible to do it first time right.

The clinical trials

Clinical trials target

Clinical trials are an integral part of the medical device’s development process, and confirm the device is safe to operate and use, and that it is effective and works as designed. 

The process

The clinical trials involve using the device by a group of volunteers, under full control of physicians, in a form of a pilot prior to its full distribution. This is done after receiving the regulatory approval.

Fast service is imperative

The clinical trials phase is one of the last stages in the process, and any change in the device requires rework and overhead which are time consuming and is costly. The clinical trials themselves are usually expensive, therefore attending the issues quickly and efficiently have a direct impact on the project’s budget and it’s time to market.

The clinical trials phase requires quick adjustments according to the findings during the trials. In order to perform any development or redesign there is a need for thorough understanding of the medical arena and there is no time to waste in trial and error.

We at Tonson Labs can provide you the focused comprehensive service you need during this intense phase, when you are almost there and must receive support NOW. Our dedicated team of architectures and engineers will get to work on your product and do whatever it takes to complete all tasks required for passing the clinical trial.

We work with you to get your medical product to the market with the least need for redesign and by keeping your expenses as low as possible.

Clinical trials are the last step before success, let’s make it work!