Medical Device Electronics Development

Over 200 years of electronics design experience are part of our accumulating experience, and hundreds of projects we have designed and developed, among them: analog boards, digital boards, communication boards, high speed boards, mixed signal boards, almost any hardware component in the market. We are thrilled to take part in creating the future, and constantly work on the latest innovations. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as our designs work perfectly and pass the regulatory checks after only a few weeks.

Highest Standards

Tonson Labs is a pioneer in the development of high end medical devices, providing a unique single source solution to medical device companies and entrepreneurs. We specialize in developing cutting-edge technological solutions of smart, reliable medical devices, such as embedded code development from multicore MCU/CPU and DSP, acoustic design for audio and cell-phone systems, board design for ultrasound diagnostic and therapeutic systems and more. We have many years of experience in product development with dozens of products on the market, and work together with market leaders.

Costwise Engineering

We see a product as a complete system, therefore take into consideration its operational efficiency from the very basic components up to completion of the product. At the planning stage we examine the final target of the product, its required functionality and business goals and perform hardware development of complex and unique products, in the lowest cost possible along with keeping top quality. We use the latest technologies for faster, minimized and optimally operational medical devices.

Considering all Aspects

When we develop a product, we don’t focus only on the specific functionality required, and take into consideration all its components, such as:  DSP board mechanical design, signal processing of streaming video, image noise reduction, Gamma and color calibration, adjusting color scale according to external light sources, maintaining low latency of video and more. We KNOW from our vast experience that a truly efficient system MUST be designed perfectly and completely, starting with the smallest sub-systems all the way to the final product.

Newer and better

We are deeply involved in the technological market and are always up to date. We strive to exceed our own goals and the market needs and aspire to overtake the future with minimized and faster products, for better and more efficient products.


When we develop the hardware of your products we take into consideration all regulatory requirements. In addition, we support our customers through clinical trials and regulatory procedures.