Implementation: customization and localization

Tonson Labs products are designed with top look & feel quality, specifically custom made to fit the user’s preferences. Our market distribution is global and includes various local markets, and after delivering hundreds of medical devices worldwide to new and returning customers our familiarity with the different markets is very deep.

Keeping high quality functionality along with a smooth and intuitive customer experience is our specialty, and we work together with our customers to fulfill their goals and deliver a product which their end-users will enjoy in all aspects – functionality, efficiency, quality, resilience and look & feel, for a long lasting use.

A product that does not fit its target audience will not succeed, therefore localization and customization are critical factors as part of the product life cycle, and should be considered at a very early stage. The Tonson Labs architects are thoroughly familiar with the market and various market trends, and will assist you in performing the optimal customization to fit your exact needs.  

The process includes

Changes in product's look and feel

We support any change in your product’s look & feel, and any new requirement you may have, after understanding the user’s preferences

The process

When designing a product for a certain market the specific user’s preferences should be characterized for every step in the product’s use and its features

Fast service is imperative

We support you when your product reaches your users and make adjustments as needed to fine tune it for best fit to their needs and your goals.

The process

Our complete process is documented, every feature, use case and design branch are tracked for reviewing the different stages, understanding the picture, keeping track and for serving as basis for QA and future changes.

Clinical trials target

When introducing a new products, a well written guide is imperative, as users may not understand how it work and avoid from using it. Furthermore, they may not use certain features and not reach its optimal use.  

Fast service is imperative

Customization and localization of a product leads to several releases to support each customer’s needs, therefore release management is needed. At Tonson labs we work professionally and with strict order.

We support special customizations and requirements throughout the process for each of our customers, we know how to ask the right questions about your end users and have the right answers and solutions to help you with any localization issue you may have.