Product Architecture

As a leading company in the medical devices market, and after executing hundreds of projects for global companies, we at Tonson Labs can say with certainty that product architecture is the most important stage in the project. Creating an efficient architecture in all aspects can be done only by owning deep understanding of the development process, regulatory requirements, product needs and the customer’s requirements and goals. 

Anyone can do engineering, we create master pieces.

An efficient well-functioning device is imperative for its success. These are our guidelines for creating a cutting edge device for you

Elegant design

An efficient device is firstly designed with thought, understanding and a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the product to be developed, along with the smallest details, and by creating the correct boundaries between hardware, HDL and software, putting each one at the sweet spot of – ease of development vs cost of goods. 

Hardware and materials

Our knowledge of the latest technologies and materials in the market enable us to design the most affordable and resilient product for your needs.

Hardware development

Creating the design that is low cost, easy to design and yet within tolerances, software controllable, and meets the design regulatory is one of our ground guideline.

Embedded Software

Good software design consists of correct prioritization of the software tasks and structured programming. Our highly qualified architects design the blocks and modules to work well under embedded Linux, or in any other real time OS, in a stable yet flexible structure.

Application level

A well-designed UI/UX creates a very easy to use device. Every aspect of the device is controlled from this layer, starting from system debug, production, technician, and up to user modes. Our applications collect logs of the entire system since the day it was created.

Market needs

A successful device answers the need of the target audience. Without considering the need for the product and the timing in which it arises, the product may be useless, or miss its goal. This should be taken into consideration from the earliest stage. As experts in the medical devices field we have deep familiarity with the market needs and are always up to date.


The final outcome of the product should answer all regulatory requirements, and this is an essentials part of the architecture process.

The design process

The combination of an elegant design and a medical device, like any product, answers a need of the target audience.

At Tonson-Labs, system architecture is one of the initial stages of a project, and our product architects escort the whole process of development.

As experts for many years in the medical devices market we will know what you can or can’t do, what are better materials to use, what the market accepts or rejects these days and where you should insist or give up on a certain ability of your product. Our designs are smart and innovative, our product managers and system architects are updated with the latest hardware and software abilities in the market, providing you with the optimal building blocks of your medical device product.

An elegant design looks good and works well for many years.