Project Management

Tonson Labs successfully deliver innovative, cutting edge
technological medical devices solutions since 2006.

Tonson Labs successfully deliver innovative, cutting edge technological medical devices solutions since 2006.

Full Product Life Cycle: We take project at any stage and bring on-board our expertise for a successful completion.  A project may start with an idea or a design and we build prototypes, perform the development, escort the product testing and clinical trials through the regulation process and perform the product delivery at the customer’s premises, including customization and localization.

Turn-key Solutions that include: hardware, software, algorithms, UI/UX and full documentation set (DHF/DMR files), animals trials and clinical trials support.

Time to Market: When time is of essence we can deliver in record time. Our vast experience enables us to be able to differentiate between the important to the urgent, use readymade inhouse-IP, and get to the target fast.

Large Scale Projects: We work with the largest Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological companies in the world, and our project managers are experts in the medical devices field, and own deep familiarity with the current innovative technologies, the global market and all regulatory requirements, thus provide you with significant added value for delivering an optimized quality product, on time and within budget.

Documentation: Our process includes mutli-level documents that accompany each project step and facilitate design, development, quality assurance and certification processes.

At Tonson-Labs you have one POC (point of contact) to communicate with, and which delivers all your needs. Our project managers and technical leads possess over 10 years of experience in delivering full cycle projects such as:

Using Multi-core systems, DSP for algorithm execution and FPGA for fast signal processing and SoC  systems

Methodology: Tonson’s professional project managers manage the project from start to finish according to the PMI methodologies and 60601 regulations. The project manager accompanies the customers throughout the process, up to the flawless delivery of the project

Our process includes:

  • Scoping and project formulation of product specifications, according to the customer’s requirements
  • Analysis and selection of alternatives where needed
  • Prioritization and scheduling of activities
  • Resource allocating
  • Budget control throughout the project
  • On-going monitoring and tracking of the project status
  • Risk management and decision making
  • Maximum coordination with the needs and requirements of the customers throughout the process
  • Creating a complete testing environment
  • Complete release management
  • Full HW and SW testing of the product, system testing and UI testing
  • Delivery/Deployment of the software and completion testing

Our project managers have executed numerous successful projects in the medical devices field, and use this vast knowledge and experience to plan, execute and lead the project with excellenceWe work with our customers from the very initial specifications phase, analyze the requirement, assist in formulating the content and user experience, perform the characterization and build a detailed project plan according to the PMI methodologies and 60601 regulations. Each task during the project execution is considered in the planning stage to prevent redesign or unplanned delays.

During the project we work closely with R&D, production, QA, 3rd parties and all interfaces to make sure the project is on track and within budget. When needed, we know where to be flexible, and perform decision making and problem solving with creativity and determination. You will have full visibility to our ongoing work, we believe in working together with our customers.

When we manage projects, we see the complete picture along with the smallest details, that bring the project to completion, end to end, with a successful delivery of a quality product.