(Scanning, catheter, focused beam)

All the necessary building blocks for ultrasound systems:

RF amplifiers, FPGA signal processors for multi-core systems, applicators, power amplifiers Ceramic Drivers, complex signal generators, signal decoders, control systems and graphical interfaces.

Endoscopy & Colonoscopy

All know how and building blocks to interface any CCD/CMOS camera with LCD or Connectivity. Including application (Device embedded software) and image processing for excellent image quality and low latency.

Real Time Embedded

Our own SoM (system on module) to support 10 year longevity with variety of processors starting ARM ST M4, NXP i.MX6, NVIDIA TK1, TX1, TX2.

Recently added Zynq 70XX, and FPFA SoM.

Real time Imaging

(very low latency)

Real time fast image processing on FPGA or Zqynq, converting MATLAB to VHDL and C++. This enables very complicated and fast signals to be processed on powerful platforms like FPGA / Zynq / Multicore CPU or PC.

Signal processing

(Scanning, catheter, focused beam)

All the necessary building blocks for fast signal processing systems:

High rate ADC modules starting up to 100Msps per channel. High boude rate channels and the know-how to process the necessary time critical calculations on a single cycle.

Machine Learning

Video processing with machine learning on CUDA platform, to perform image and pattern recognition.

NVIDIA registered 3rd party.

CCD and CMOS miniature cameras

Vast experience with embedding CCD or CMOS cameras into Medical device external or internal applications. Supporting IEC-60601 (medical Device standard) design blocks and know how. 

compliant Miniature camera systems for multiple uses.

Complete with our high performance, high-level image processing system to produce very clear signals and image despite the harsh conditions of the camera and the human body environment (extreme size constraints, power limitations, temperature restrictions and low light).


(BSP, Drivers, Applications)

Our SoM platforms has bullet proof kernel, tested to pass medical standard rigid tests. Our software engineers have the know how to write any application on embedded and desk top Linux machines.

RF designs (for Medical Device)

(receivers, transmitters, amplifiers)

Any high power or high frequency signal has to be treated like RF signal with matched source and load, especially in medical device systems where the load is complex and changes during the activation of the source. 

Medical grade amplifiers, measurement and control blocks are required, with tight control of “control loops” blocks.


(Passive and Active)

Tonson-Labs developed Medical grade “passive” reading tags (125KHz and 13MHz) supporting Mifare technology. In addition, Tonson-Labs developed a set of encrypted “Active Tag” and  “RFID reader” (Freeband 2.4GHz frequency) that can be read up to a distance of 200 meters.

FPGA VHDL + SoC design & development

Our design team understand VHDL on FPGA and on SoC (ZYNQ). We can transform MATLAB algorithm to HDL or to C++ and to get the best of all worlds.


Extensive know how and understanding of acoustic devices and wave manipulation. starting from microphones, analog chain and amplification to speakers. We own an-echoic chamber with all golden standard acoustic measurement test devices.